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Judge & Jury Chardonnay 2022
Judge & Jury Chardonnay is a top pick among our offerings, grown on The Tiger, Viper and Masons Vineyard in the Cromwell Basin.

The Viper Vineyard imparts subtle lemon notes and a satisfying weight to the blend, while the Mason Vineyard contributes rich fruitiness, a textured profile, and depth that beautifully rounds out the palate.

With low crop yields, a brief period of skin contact prior to pressing, and fermentation in Acacia tree barrels rather than traditional oak, this wine emerges as a truly exceptional creation. It embodies purity, a refreshing quality, and a mineral-driven essence that showcases the cool climate fruit, with the oak playing a subtle supporting role in the background.

Judge & Jury Chardonnay is not just promising for the future; it's already in its prime and ready to be savoured now.
Winemaker Comments
An intense bouquet of green apples and ripe citrus fruits before more complex notes of white flowers, creaminess and wet stone. There is good intensity on the palate with rich citrus and apple fruits. Beautifully balanced and seamless, this wine is extremely drinkable, with lingering citrus and nutty notes with a light salinity bringing some extra focus and purity.
Judge and Jury Chardonnay
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