Chard Social Responsibility
We care for our community, our people & our environment
Southland Hospice Supporters
Chard Farm has long been a financial supporter of Southland Hospice, which holds a very personal place in our story. We are very proud to have raised over $100,000 for the cause.

When Rob's father, Des Hay, passed away in 2015, the local Hospice played a significant role in his end-of-life care. It was surprising for us to learn that such vital community support isn't totally government-funded. We decided to fundraise and initiated a practice: for every visitor to our Cellar Door who opts not to purchase a bottle of wine, we kindly request a donation to support the hospice. The response has been amazing and often our customers purchase wine and donate as well!
We love our Vanuatuan and Fijian heroes
Chard Farm has been a member of the RSE overseas workers scheme since its inception in 2007. We employ Vanuatuans and Fijians who have become a core part of our vineyard operations. They are beautiful, humble people and great workers - we love to include them in all staff outings, activities and functions whilst encouraging them into industry training initiatives. We like to make their 6 monthly stints in NZ as enjoyable as possible. We also helped fund their home rebuilds after a recent devastating cyclone in Vanuatu. Currently, planning is underway to build a Vanuatuan village for them on one of our vineyard sites.
Chard Cares for the Environment
Regenerative Viticulture
The time has come not just to sustain, but to regenerate.
We believe that encouraging biodiversity, nurturing our soils, and reducing the use of chemicals and machinery is vital to creating a cleaner future. Central to regenerative practices is an emphasis on soil and vine health. Healthy soils provide the foundation for strong root systems, improved water retention and enhanced nutrient availability, all of which directly influence our vines. One way we improve soil and vine health at the Farm is through detailed soil and vine analysis and then reactively sowing cover crops tailored to the needs of the specific vineyard.
Solar Energy
We have recently commissioned a solar energy system at the Winery that we hope will reduce our reliance on the grid by 90%.
Heating & Cooling
The energy-saving plan doesn’t stop at solar energy, Chard Farm also utilizes passive heating and cooling methods in the Winery. An evaporative cooler is used to keep the winery cool in the summer months. A heat recovery system is also used on our chiller unit to increase efficiency during wine warming and cooling operations.
In the winery, our underground barrel cellar features open earth gravel pits, creating ideal humidity and temperature levels for maturation and protecting the precious contents of our barrels.
Chard Farm employs a ‘zero’ waste philosophy in the winery and vineyard including recycled cardboard, bottles and aluminium screwcaps We are part of the vineyard post recycling initiative, turning broken vineyard posts into farm fence posts. We also use "Future Posts" in our vineyard, which are crafted from recycled plastics including recycled vineyard netting.
We make our own compost from grape marc – the leftover grape skins, stalks etc from our harvest. It’s a free, organic, nutrient-dense resource that’s too good to waste; full of stems, skins and seeds. Given a little time on the compost heap it turns into vineyard superfood. We target spread the compost on some of our struggling vineyard sites, assisting with soil health and vine nutrition.
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