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Our winemaking philosophy is driven by the premise that we enjoy drinking interesting wines rather than tasting special wines. We make our wines to be enjoyed with food, conversation and contemplation. We do not enter competitions; so our wines tend to demand some interaction with the drinker, they do not deliver everything on offer in the first mouthful.

Generally, we try to make wines that are complex and interesting, textural and elegant, wine that shows good fruit/acid balance and genuine flavour length. Fortunately in Central Otago we are blessed with some of the best cool climate grapes to be found anywhere. The grapes are always very clean and display vivid and expressive flavours. The natural cool climate acid we have in the juice keeps the flavours pure and bright.

The other ace we have up our sleeve in Central Otago is our mineral soils. All the soils in Central Otago are based on schist rock and quartz that contain very little organic matter (actual dirt). So our vines are literally growing in a bed of minerals. This is important in the final product because it is the presence of these minerals that will give the wine the expressive and long flavour length that we are looking for. The trick for us as winegrowers and makers is to tame the abundant fruit and acid that we have to be able to expose the texture and minerality in the wine beneath.

John Wallace
Chard Farm Winemaker
November 2011


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