Viper Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017 - SOLD OUT

CF Vipers 2017

wine notes:

The floral violet, red cherry and earthy aromas are laced together with a thread of spice. Sweet red fruits and silky tannins combine to deliver a polished and fine palate, highlighting wonderful fruit and acid detail a long complete finish.

winemakers comments:

Viper Vineyard Pinot Noir is made from grapes grown in the Vipers vineyard in the Parkburn area on the western side of Lake Dunstan. The vineyard takes its name from the wildflower ”Vipers Bugloss” that covers the area. This vineyard sits on an undulating terrace above the valley floor. The soils are predominantly silt loam over schist gravel. The terrace enjoys moderate temperatures and a long growing season. Ripening tends to be late into the season as the daytime temperatures are cooling. The cooler ripening tends to produce spicy wines with dark fruit flavours and density on the palate. The Viper is always made from the Grandstand block in the vineyard, and the wine always stands out as uniquely in the cellar as it does in the bottle.  

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