Vintage 2019 - The Highlights

17 April 2019


In the Winery...

The harvest presented a few curve balls – the vineyards ripened and were picked in reverse order from previous years, and there were a couple of significant rain events and a big frost to contend with. But the quality was very good. Pinot Noir, in particular, was a strong variety with low sugars, good fruit expression, and structure. Chardonnay also shone through for the same reasons. 
John Wallace - Head Winemaker

The Vineyards....

The vines have had a great growing season this vintage, resulting in strong productive canopies which have resulted in fruit that is clean and vibrant.  The mild autumn days and cool nights have created some superb fruit colours and flavours, this will be embodied in the wine which will be a unique and amazing vintage.  The harvest crew are working tirelessly to bring in the goods and we are all looking forward to tasting the final product!
Hamish Hay - Vineyard Manager



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