1993 JJ 1

Judge & Jury Chardonnay 1993 !

8 December 2016

A lovely piece of history for Chard Farm, sent to us by Felicity from NZ Wine who chanced upon a bottle of our Judge & Jury Chardonnay 1993 vintage on display at the Grand Hotel in Invercargill.

Unfortunately, the note on the bottle is difficult to read, but here's the wording:

"This Chard Farm bottle (Queenstown) is one of only 3000. The 'Judge & Jury' Chardonnay is limited vintage.

The Grand Hotel is the only place in Southland to get some.

We're opening a wine bar at The Grand, a first for Invercargill, so I'll be able to get you some more really neat bottles,

Cheers, Pierre"

It was displayed in one of the front rooms and the owner said that someone had brought it in from their mother’s cellar, as it was obviously part of the history of The Grand, as well as very important to their mother if she had kept it, note intact, for so long…! The new owners (a mother and daughter) are bringing The Grand back to life, and are committed to the stories and memories in the walls!


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