Vintage 2019 - The Highlights

17 April 2019

The vines have had a great growing season this vintage, resulting in strong productive canopies which have resulted in fruit that is clean and vibrant.  The mild autumn days and cool nights have created some superb fruit colours and flavours, this will be embodied in the wine which will be a unique and amazing vintage.  The harvest crew are working tirelessly to bring in the goods and we are all looking forward to tasting the final product! -  Hamish Hay


frost prevention during harvest

10 April 2019

There have been some cold frosty days here in the vineyards last week, cold hands but some beautiful photography by Killy Keelee Daniel of the frost prevention on the vines.

The overhead water sprinkling system, which helps to prevent frost damage by sprinkling water onto the vines, forming a thin layer of ice to protect from the frost, simultaneously create a winter wonderland.



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