Riesling 2017

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wine description:
Enticing summer aromas of crisp green apple, fresh lime, white flowers and wet stone. The vivid and juicy fruit rolls through to the back of the palate like a wave, before slowly receding, revealing the stony acidity lying underneath.

winemakers comments:
Our Riesling is grown on the Arena Block in the Viper Vineyard at Parkburn. The Arena block is planted on a very steep north to north-west facing slope. The north facing part of the slope tends to ripen earlier and is picked for the Vipers Riesling. The north-west face is left to ripen for a longer period and is picked for this drier Chard Farm Riesling. The longer ripening period allows us to pick grapes with lower acid and riper flavours, and to make a drier style wine than the Vipers. We aim to make a fuller style that has good fruit weight and texture without losing the grapes renowned fruit focus and backbone. The 2017 Riesling will reward those with the patience to cellar the wine for 3 - 7 years.

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