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Wild Earth Barrell cooker at Chard Farm Wild Earth platter at Chard Farm

Wild Earth comes to Chard

The guys at Wild Earth wines in Cromwell not only make a damn fine Pinot, they also do a great lunch at their Kawarau Gorge Restaurant.  Their specialty is wine barrel smoked fare and we got them to come to our winery the other day to do a mid vintage luncheon for our vintage crew.  We had pork belly, tuna, paua, hare confit, salmon and filled aubergines , all barrel smoke cooked. Wow – everything was very tasty.  They designed and built the smokers themselves, with their own special wood shaving mix. Smoking with a water pan in the barrel keeps moisture levels up and flavor loss minimsed. It’s a bit like a Sous Vide machine effect – very succulent and juicy.  Yum.


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