DSCN0097a Vuni Stretching Nets1 DSCN0137a Vanuatu Team Phillip Carlo Vuni and Jean luc Small5

Meet our Vanuatuan friends

23 March 2012

We are participants in a seasonal work program initiative with Vanuatu and have for the last few years employed Vanuatuans in the vineyard during the growing season - October to May.  We now have our own team consisting of Phillip, Jean-Luc, Vuni and Karlo, who return to us each year. They are a great bunch of guys, funny, friendly and with a great work ethic – even running with the picking bins at harvest time.  They are often heard signing and chanting in the vineyard, or chasing rabbits with sticks and even chase the blackbirds in the nets during their lunchtime.


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