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Luke Mangan visit

3 August 2012

One of the most high profile and innovative chefs in the Australian Restaurant scene paid us a visit the other day.  Luke Mangan has restaurants in Sydney – Glass,  Surfers Paradise – Salt Grill,  Singapore – Salt and Salt & World wine bar. He is also about to open a restaurant in Melbourne.  Yours truly did a Winemakers dinner at Lukes “The Palace” restaurant in Melbourne last year.  You need to try his food, its delicious stuff, with many quirky, high end  interpretations of “ordinary” dishes.  Here’s what Sir Richard Branson has to say about him…..

"He’s an Entrepreneur and you have to be more than just a chef to become a successful chef these days, and you have to be media savvy, good on television. A lot of the job is promoting yourself and promoting your business and he does that well. But in the end you’re only as good as the product, so you can’t be all fluff and puff, you’ve got to have substance behind you, and he’s got substance. He’d be one of the best of his profession, and it’s a tough profession..."

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Rob and Luke


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