vintage 2018 has began

20 March 2018

Picking Chardonnay

This season was dominated by growth.  It was either very fast growing like we experienced in the spring, or slow growing as the plants struggled with the high temperatures in January. 


Our dedicated staff worked frantically to keep up with the vines as they grew enormously pre Christmas  and it soon became apparent that we would be in for an early harvest. 

ChardonnayVeraison happened in a flash and the berries filled with colour rapidly.  We have experienced some very cool nights so we should be creating some fantastic flavour profiles when combined with the early autumn warmth. 


3On the 13th March the first of the grapes that we picked was chardonnay and next in line that day was pinot noir from the 'tiger' block. 


Fermenting Juice

Finishing at an early 7pm, the first day of vintage had been a great success!

No doubt there will be many late nights, and an arrangement of good wine and beer as our  amazing vintage team works hard through this years harvest.

Love lola october 2017

20 March 2018

Gerard Smith winner of the lola comptetion

Congratulations to Gerard Smith from Auckland for his fantastic submission for the Love Lola Competition this summer.  With his perfect timing, his talented acrobatic children he managed to grab this fantastic shot in front of Lola. 


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