Chard Farm girls Mitch and Romy trying out a 1925 Bugatti racer

Bugattis at Chard

28 February 2014

Wow, we have just hosted a function for the International Bugatti Rally here. The gorgeous Bugattis are currently touring through NZ.  There was such an amazing line up of cars, with an average value of $1.5M -  so we had $45M of vehicles sitting on our lawn!  There are only 2,000 older Bugattis worldwide so it was a real honour to have them here.

Chard Farm girls - Mitch and Romy trying out a 1925 Bugatti racer

Gary Dannithorne from Christchurch with his Bugatti 57C


Chard Farm's extended family

26 February 2014

Renee and Ian (of Brisbane) were married at Chard Farm November 2011 and just popped in to visit us again ....... with an addition to their family. Congratulations guys and lovely to see you again.

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A Horse called Judge & Jury!

18 February 2014

We had an interesting email recently from Sam Roebuck, whose Eventing Horse is called Judge & Jury.  It was named after a bottle of our 1996 Chardonnay that the previous owner opened to celebrate her horse purchase!  Pretty cool.  Sam even used the horse as transport to her recent wedding.

We thought this was worthy of a pun or two, how about this…

For all those Neighsayers out there, we thought this was a worthy Event that would be good Fodder for our newsletter. 

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  Anybody do better than that?


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