Jamie Goode John Wallace tasting Chard Farm

Jamie Goode does Chard Farm

29 January 2014

We had the pleasure of hosting Jamie Goode here yesterday. Jamie is rapidly becoming one of the leading UK Wine Journalists.  He arrived here on the day his new E – book –  “New Zealand Pinot Noir” was released world wide – very cool.  He’s here of course for the Central Otago Pinot Noir conference, starting 30th Jan.  Goode also contributes to wine publications such as Harpers, The World of Fine Wine, Decanter, GrapesTALK and Sommelier Journal. He’s a very insightful and erudite wine dude.

His website is well worth a visit – www.wineanorak.com

Check out - Jamie's new e-book on New Zealand Pinot Noir

See Jamie's review of his visit to Chard Farm - click here

Ross Collett Chard family

a blast from the past at Chard Farm

21 January 2014

We had a visit from a relative of the original Chard Farm family recently - Ross Collet from Timaru.  Ross recalls visiting Uncle Eric at Chard Farm on his honeymoon 35 years ago and remembers milking the cows and stealing an old brass door knob from one of the cow sheds as a Chard Farm momento!

Chard Farm was formerly owned by the Chard family (1860 - 1979). Originally a market garden to feed the gold miners, it was later converted to dairying, cropping and then an orchard.  Eric Chard was the last of the family to live here. 


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