Romeo Bragato got it dead right in 1895!

11 February 2013

As part of the research for our Central Otago presentation at the Pinot 2013 conf  in Wellington, we came across this little gem in the Otago Daily Times from 1895.

This is the actual quote from the visiting Australian Government Viticulture research scientist – Romeo Bragato, who was commissioned by the NZ Government to investigate areas suitable for grape growing.  We salute you Romeo and Jean-Desiree Feraud

Yvonne Lorkin Thirsty Work TV at Chard Farm

Thirsty TV work down on the Farm

8 February 2013

We have just had Yvonne Lorkin and her crew here filming Chard Farm for her next “Thirsty Work” TV series.  It was fun but kind of stressful being in front of the camera for a couple of days.  I didn’t notice any thespian tendencies coming out. We went all over the farm, down to river, up to the dam and they filmed everything in between. Dale the goat was a big hit with the film crew and cellar door visitors……


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