Lola Disaster

30 May 2012

Some bad news today – unbelievably Lola was destroyed by a meteorite strike! Have a look at this video which captured the drama. We are also highly upset that the wine tasters walking up the path at the time don’t seem to be concerned at all!  The team at Chard Farm are in mourning…….. RIP Lola – you were a great gal. 


Done and Dusted for 2012 - yahoo!

23 May 2012

Vintage hand Emily Terrel from Idaho USA sits amongst the last of the Pinot skins to be tipped into the grape press. The last pressing is always a great milestone to reach during vintage. We can now report that the 2012 vintage has been exceptional, with lovely weather up to, and during harvest.   The vintage crew were fantastic this year and its always a shame and sad to bid them farewell as they return to their various homelands around the world or to their next winery position. Thanks again Guillame, Christine, Emily, Helene and John – you guys rock! 


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