Chard Farm Long Lunch Arrowtown Dec 2012

Chard Farm Arrowtown Long Lunch

11 December 2012

Chard Farm are the main sponsors of this really cool event.  The inaugural long lunch was held last year and this year we were blessed again with gorgeous weather…..was a close call though!   Arrowtown would have to qualify as having one of the cutest main streets in the country. Tables run the length of the street and all the Restaurants in Arrowtown are involved.  They look after tables closest to the location of their Restaurants.  The whole Chard Farm team took over the Saffron Restaurant tables – yum!!   It was a great day, with live  music and even an electric drinks trolley.  The sun, food, and wine was all a bit much for CF proprietor Rob, who had to go home and have a nana nap.


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