Central Otago by Bob Campbell

21 September 2012

We found this wee gem the other day. Bob has probably tried more Central Otago pinot noir over the years than anybody else, so it's interesting to get his take on the different styles emanating from different parts of Central Otago.


"Central Otago, the country’s only continental-influenced region, produces this country’s most distinctive Pinot Noir style, particularly if you restrict the scope to the Cromwell Basin districts, Bendigo and Bannockburn. There is something about the plump, ripe fruit character of these wines that makes them stand out in a crowd. Add to that the occasional signature of wild thyme character and they couldn’t be from anywhere else in the world. If one of these wines finds its way into a Master of Wine examination it would be a Godsend to any Kiwi student.

The cooler Gibbston Valley tends to produce wines on the edgier end of the style spectrum. These can often be more interesting and complex than the more sensual, easy-to-love fruit-bomb styles of other districts, particularly when the wines have enjoyed a little bottle age. The wines of Wanaka enjoy a similar cooler profile.

Alexandra offers possibly a more diverse range of Pinot Noir styles than any other Central Otago district although I find that they tend to share a sleek and elegant frame upon which is built a multiplicity of flavour profiles."

Feature Story by Bob Campbell M.W
Wine NZ Magazine, July 2012


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