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a close encounter with lola

16 November 2011

We had some guys visiting recently who fell in love with our Lola. So much so that they decided to photograph themselves with Lola in the classic Lola pose, but sans clothes! They are the winners of the latest Magnum. 

Here is their email…

"Dear Chard Farm.

 The 5 of us visited in August and really enjoyed the wine tasting (and the quality yarn!).  We've been a bit slow but here is our photo with Lola for the competition.  She's a great bird.  So much so that we thought she deserved a poem to go with the photo (see below).  

Look forward to seeing you again, we'll definitely come back and buy some more delicious wine soon!


Josh, John, Andy, Matt & Hunter

The legend went round
For hundreds of years,
Before finding its way
To our innocent ears

Of a wild wicker woman,
With her devilsh phantoms,
Who'd lure in young men
For the size of their "magnums".

So we rose to the challenge
"Onward to Chard Farm!"
Taking only our wits
And relying on charm

We approached with much fear
With not a squeak nor a shout,
When before we could stop it
All our magnums popped out!

Then she screeched "I am Lola!"
"And you'll do as I do!"
So we all struck her pose,
In the nude, two by two.

As we slowly shrugged off
The effects of her spell
We scurried off home
With this tale to tell

No matter how tough
Or how sly you might be
You are simply no match
For that wicker banshee

And if there's one thing to learn
From our treacherous time
It's the lengths young men'll go
For a magnum of wine.  "


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